For PayPal Orders:

Please send the form below in a seperate e-mail message from the actual PayPal order.

First, just  highlight (click, hold and drag to select), copy (Ctrl+C) and paste (Ctrl+V) the section between the horizontal lines into your e-mail message.

Next, using your mouse to select the lines (don't use the return key), type the required information into each line.

Then, e-mail the form to:

Subject: PayPal Order


Postal Code:
Email address:
Phone No. and best time (& time zone) to call (optional):

     Item description        Quantity   Price/item   Shipping   Total


Add 5.5% to cover PayPal fees:  ====================
Subtract 2.5% if you are paying in eqivalent $CDN:========

Total $ sent:

Thank you for your order. Please allow six to eight weeks for delivery.

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