PayPal Orders for Custom Work:

After previous consultation determining an agreed upon quote, please send the form below in a seperate e-mail message titled "PayPal Custom Work Order"  from the actual PayPal order.

First, highlight (click, hold and drag to select), copy (Ctrl+C) and paste (Ctrl+V) the section between the horizontal lines into your e-mail message.

Next, type the required information into each line.

Then, e-mail the form to:

Postal Code:
Email address:
Phone No. and best time (& time zone) to call (optional):

Custom Item description:
Kit/materials supplied:
Quoted price:
Add 5.5% to cover PayPal fees:
Subtract 2.5% if you are paying in eqivalent $CDN
Downpayment amount:
Amount owing upon project completion:
Special Instructions:

Please attach or include in your order drawings and/or dimensions required to complete job (if applicable), even if they were previously forwarded in prior communications.

Thank you for your order. Depending on the job and scheduling, it may take some time to complete.

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