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Here are a few examples of some sketches that I had done many years ago, mostly back in the early eighties as a teenager when I lived in a very rural section of Nova Scotia, called Apple River. Before I had any money to build many models, I used to try to re-create some of my favourite subjects with pencil and paper, which was much more available and far less expensive! Later, when I went to work as a technical illustrator in the latter part of 1986 through to about '92 for a couple of businesses in Ontario, I stopped doing drawings for fun and switched permanently to modelmaking. I had more money to do it with, so I began indulging in my primary interest! I have not done any drawings for "pleasure" since, because I had been doing it for a living, and was having my fill of drawing anyway. I now build models for a living (yes, also for pleasure... when I have the time!), but I still do the occasional sketch when necessary. I can see getting back into drawing someday, but for now, it's on the back burner. Most of the pictures shown below were based on photographs.

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Here's a familiar subject on the Small Art Works web site! This Eagle is done in HB pencil on regular bond paper. The drawing measures about eight inches wide. It was done in 1985-86 when I was taking a technical draughting course. 
This sketch of a Harrier Jump Jet in flight was done at a time when the Falklands War was at the top of the news in 1982. I was impressed with the British Harrier's performace, and had formed an intense interest the plane. This is one sketch I did in pencil, based a photo in a Time magazine.
A "Light Cycle" from Disney's 1982 movie "Tron". The film was the first to introduce computer generated imagery as part of the action. As a result, the vehicles seen were unusually smooth and fluid-looking, which can be a somewhat difficult look to achieve with an HB lead!
 Everyone's favourite villain, Darth Vader, as seen in "The Empire Strikes Back". This drawing, done in 1982 again, was based on a bubble gum card photo. It was a challenge to get all the shades of black and the reflections down right. It was also a challenge to scan the page after nineteen years, as the paper had wrinkled and the pencil has a shine to it that the scanner picks up, so I had to photograph the sketch with a digital camera, lit strategically.
"Rachael" from Ridley Scott's "Blade Runner". I was very impressed with the film's extraordinary mood, and I found the exotic character of Rachael, played by actress Sean Young, to be particularly fascinating. This drawing was only the second portrait I had ever attempted, the first being a friend's little sister which I had done as a gift.
This dragon was sketched lightly in pencil and finished with watercolours. It was based on an original design my father had done. I made a head-on view from his three-quarter view full body drawing that I had intended to paint on the hood of my car, a 1978 Chevette! I used an airbrush to paint the devilish face in automotive laquers and signpainters enamel onto the car's hood, and the "mane" carried up onto the roof.
Click the picture at right to see a fraction of some of the commercial work I did during the late 80's and early 90's.

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