A sample of 
Commercial Art Work

The pictures below represent a microscopic portion, but no where near the best, of some of the work I did as a technical illustrator for some businesses during the late 1980's and early 1990's. Because the work I did became the property of my employees or clients at the time, virtually no references of it exist today.

This is a cutaway drawing of a resistance welding controller. I did many drawings of this nature for a company called "Medar Canada Ltd." This particular picture is scanned from an old photocopy reduction that was made of the original drawing. The original was done on  24"x36" Mylar draughting film with a technical pen, and were reproduced with a Diazo blueprinting machine. You can also see a highly detailed scale model of this particular machine which I built for the president of the company by clicking HERE, or visiting the "Gallery" section of the Small Art Works web site

This is a logo I designed for the Durham Electrical Maintenance Association in Ontario.  They told me the basic look they wanted and I did the rest. It was to be done only in black and white for printing purposes, so no colour could be used. Keep in mind that this was done before computer drawing programs were available, so it had to be done completely by hand. This is a scan of the printed version of the logo. The original was done on Mylar film with a technical pen, and was about 6 inches in diameter.
Another hand drawn logo designed around 1989 for the second company I worked for . The logo was designed in black and white. I've coloured it digitally here just to brighten up this page a bit! This was a small company that made huge inflatable rooftop advertizing balloons. I was responsible for designing some of the inflatables as well as coming up with artwork that would show the client what the finished product would look like before the balloon was actually built, like this one below....

Scanned from an old newspaper, this is the only reference I have of a hand airbrushed painting I did to show the prospective client what his 30 foot rooftop advertizing balloon would look like when finished. He liked it so much that he used it in his newspaper ad! The original artwork of the balloon was done on poster board measuring about 15" high.
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