Ordering information for
Small Art Works products and services. 

You can pay by Check, Money Order or with your credit card using PayPal. 

Please read through this page carefully to find the payment and ordering options that best suit your needs.

Sorry for all the text, but to avoid possible misunderstandings, it's necessary.

*Small Art Works can only accept credit card payments by using PayPal. 
*If you wish to find the costs in your own currency, please go to the Universal Currency Converter by clicking HERE

*Prices when shown are in US dollars except where noted. 
*Please refer to each item’s information page for other rates, or for custom work, you can request special quotes via Email

Please read through the Frequently Asked Questions page shown HERE which contains terms and conditions that may apply to you.

SPECIAL NOTES for Custom Work:

If you are outside Canada and having a custom job done, such as a kit buildup, and are supplying the kit/materials, you MAY be required to pay additional fees which I have to pay as import taxes. I make no profit from these additional taxes. To minimize these taxes, you should de-value the item to a very low price, under $10 US. You may also wish to attach a visible note on the customs form (to the attention of Canada Customs) saying that the item is only being "borrowed" and will actually be returned to you, the sender. If this is done, it MAY reduce the likelihood of taxes being applied. 
Remember, you're sending something that will not be staying in Canada, so it should not be taxed. Unfortunately for both you and me, the government of Canada does not provide for situations such as this. They consider that if the kit is built here, it is "consumed" and taxed, even though it will not stay in Canada.

If it's a valuable item and you choose to insure the package and/or declare it's full value, you will need to add an additional fee of 15% of the cost of the item plus $4.00 US to cover the taxes and taxation fees the Canadian Government charges me to your cost. If the government fails to tax the items, I will not charge the taxation fees.

Also, when ordering work that deviates from a standard product, such as a kit, please be very specific about what you want done on the order form blank. If there are any discrepancies between what you put on the order form and any other communications we may have had, it's the order form instructions that will be followed.

If you have any questions, you can also phone (902)895-9682 between 10 am and 10 pm Atlantic Standard Time, any day of the week. If no answer, you can leave a message on the machine (please speak slowly and clearly) and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Payment by PayPal:
Please read thoroughly.

You can pay for your purchases with your credit card using Paypal, which works internationally and is very convenient, plus it's safer than traditional credit card payment methods. This is because your card number is never devulged to Small Art Works, plus both you and I have a permanent record of payment on the secure PayPal web site which neither party can erase. 

When using Paypal to purchase Small Art Works products, you must also send a separate Email message with the title "Paypal Order" to "jim@smallartworks.ca" detailing the information required.

Also, please note that when paying by PayPal, you must add an additional 5.5% to the overall costs including shipping. Why? PayPal charges me 3% for their service plus an additional 2.5% for currency conversion. If you wish to pay me in $CDN, you can avoid paying the 2.5% PayPal conversion fee.  If you wish to do this, you can go to the Universal Currency Converter to translate your payment to Canadian dollars.

How to calculate a 5.5% increase:
Price x 1.055  = total. 

How to calculate a 3% increase:
Price x 1.03  = total.

Please click HERE to get the proper Email form to order Small Art Works kits and standard products.

Please click HERE to get the form for previously quoted custom work, such as buildup services.

Click on the logo below to pay at Paypal! If you are not already a Paypal user, you will have to sign up on their web site before ordering. 

Payment by Check or Money Order:

You may pay by check or money order (postal or bank), made out to James Small, in U.S. funds or the converted Canadian equivalent.

Personal checks accepted from customers in U.S. or Canada only. If you live elsewhere, please use an international money order or bank draught..

Please click HERE to get the printable form to order Small Art Works kits and products.

Please click HERE to get the form for previously quoted custom work, such as buildup services

If you don't have a printer, just hand-write a letter containing the same information as shown on the form. 
Make sure that all necessary information is included and mail the order form to: 

E. James Small,
150 MacLaughlin Ave.,
Lower Onslow, Nova Scotia,
Canada, B6L 5G6


Thank you for your order. 
Due to the very low production-run nature of most items, please allow at least six to eight weeks for delivery,
probably much longer for custom built models and other products.
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